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Such people often would receive monetary inducements or contractual favours from the Russian state or its agents in return.

This had created difficulties for parts of the Russian state apparatus in obliging/indulging them e.g.

Central Bank claims there were over 20 serious attacks on correspondent accounts held by CBR in 2015, comprising Roubles several billion in fraud — Some details given of leading non-state Russian cyber criminal groups Details 1.

Speaking in June 2016, a number of Russian figures with a detailed knowledge of national cyber crime, both state-sponsored and otherwise, outlined the current situation in this area.

Russian intentions for its deployment still unclear Detail 1.

Speaking to a trusted compatriot in June 2016 sources A and B, a senior Russian Foreign Ministry figure and a former top level Russian intelligence officer still active inside the Kremlin respectively, the Russian authorities had been cultivating and supporting US Republican presidential candidate, Donald TRUMP for at least 5 years.

CONFIDENTIAL/SENSITIVE SOURCE CONFIDENTIAL/SENSITIVE SOURCE Hillary CLINTON (being circulated), Source B confirmed the file's existence.CONFIDENTIAL/SENSITIVE SOURCE COMPANY INTELLIGENCE REPORT 2016/080 US PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION: REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE DONALD TRUMP'S ACTIVITIES IN RUSSIA AND COMPROMISING RELATIONSHIP WITH THE KREMLIN Summary — Russian regime has been cultivating, supporting and assisting at least 5 years.Aim, endorsed by PUTIN, has been to encourage splits and divisions in western alliance — So far TRUMP has declined various sweetener real estate business deals offered him in Russia in order to further the Kremlin's cultivation of him.S/he confided in a trusted compatriot that it had been collated by Department K of the FSB for many years, dating back to her husband Bill's presidency, and comprised mainly eavesdropped conversations of various sorts rather than details/evidence of unorthodox or embarrassing behavior. Continuing on this theme, Source G, a senior Kremlin official, confided that the CLINTON dossier was controlled exclusively by chief spokesman, Dmitry PESKOV, who was responsible for compiling/handling it on the explicit instructions of PUTIN himself.Some of the conversations were from bugged comments CLINTON had made on her various trips to Russia and focused on things she had said which contradicted her current position on various issues. The dossier however had not as yet been made available abroad, including to TRUMP or his campaign team.

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