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Dad was also "toying around" with the title KWICK KWIBS, Jr.

I usually fantasize that its my bank account balance.It never occurred to me that Breeann might be interested.The thought of working with a family member who is so opinionated and stubborn and hard headed and moody, probably prevented her from ever asking me. This will be a challenge for sure, but I think with a little time, she can be a great addition to our family newspaper. Please be patient with us while we work through the process of getting her involved and please pray for patience for me! As if adulting wasnt hard enough, theres also parenting.If I paid 50 cents per mile it would be something like ,500 a week in travel expenses, so hes out.Maybe one day, like my father, hell return home from his service in the Navy and decide he wants to be in the business, but for now, hes got a job near a beach, also near a crazy dictator that were all keeping an eye on.

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