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Buttercream Bakeshop Projected opening date: March. This will be pastry chef Tiffany Mac Isaac's first solo venture (and yes, it's in the same building as Friedman's All Purpose).Since she left Buzz Bakery and Neighborhood Restaurant Group, Mac Isaac has kept herself busy with wedding cakes and the occasional pop-up, but now we'll have daily access to her pastries and other sweet confections. Dating online in your thirties after being in a ten-year relationship is hard. I read Work Song by Danielle Allen earlier this year after Britt recommended it to me and I completely adored it! I didn’t think all the men I would meet were going to be amazing, but I didn’t think so many of them were going to be disasters.Here are some of the debuts we're particularly looking forward to. Chef Michael Friedman is pulling inspiration from the New Jersey pizza joints of his youth for his new Shaw restaurant.This is Friedman's second venture with partners Michael O'Malley and Sebastian Zutant, the first, of course, being Bloomingdale's popular Red Hen.My question is which is the best way to have nagios monitor this and notify if a failure?Is it best to: -parse the website site for a specific date/time area on the uploaded page?

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Marcus Projected opening date: Second half of the year.You may have heard of Aaron Silverman's first restaurant in Washington, Rose's Luxury. 1 spot in our Fall Dining Guide will soon be joined by a sibling that will offer coffee and cafe service by day and a prix fixe dinner by night (four days a week).Silverman is billing the new establishment as fancy but not formal.-monitor the folder on the web server for the data/time of the file? Any examples of how to do any of the above would be greatly appreciated. Desiree Johnson once had it all: a successful career, great friends, and a devoted partner who she was getting ready to tie the knot with.

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