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You’d think it would look strange to see these fresh upstarts racing alongside the old stagers, but the character designs fit more snugly here than the previous crossovers (yes, Link, we’re looking at you).Either way, encounters were often sporadic and unsatisfying: you’d find yourself bimbling about aimlessly, hoping to get a good item before spending ages looking for an opponent to use it on.Conversation English is an excellent app for anyone learning English as a second or AJ Hoge, the host of this podcast, is a knowledgeable teacher Zapp!

Which isn’t to say you can’t deploy it elsewhere to equally gloat-worthy effect.

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Mario Kart’s new battle mode is Mario Kart’s old battle mode: a return to battle arenas purpose-designed for weaponised chaos.

Eight maps might seem a tad stingy, but the quality ranges from solid to excellent.

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