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CNN is a holding of Time-Warner, of which, the Jewish Bronfman family has controlling interest.Time Magazine is also owned by Bronfmans’ Time Warner Corporation.Roberts himself has acquired eminent “Jewish credentials” — being a graduate of the Jewish-intensive Wharton School of Business — and a winner of silver medals as a squash player at the 19 Maccabiah Games in Israel.Adding to his Jewish HIGH profile, Roberts serves as Chairman of the National Cable & Telecommunications Association and as a board member of The Bank of New York.

"Yesterday afternoon, this reporter to call the MSC County Authority, according to a staff member said net posts content bureau has a lot of people know.

So long as the Jews control America’s media they will control our politicians and the policies they make.

We will not be able to shut down the welfare system, control our borders, or restore Christian values to our society so long as the Jewish media-masters make Americans feel “intolerant” for wanting to do these things.

"Secretary paste adults may be too busy," and finally even let his wife attended the event on his behalf. mod=viewthread&tid=59792, can not help but quipped: "? his wife have taken the initiative to undertake the work on behalf of her husband, there is no need to worry chased MSC future."After the above message is issued, outlet, immediately attracted a large number of users thread, many people are criticized by the above acts.

At the same time, users also appeared in the "rumor by" friends "of property industry management" on the post explained: "At the request of a member of the property, the county portion of the property industry associations member units go out to visit, from the safety and cost savings,

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