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Having it in the middle of the floor sprawled out all akimbo like that struck you as unseemly. 04/19/09 "John: Combine ashes with urn." You merge the SACRED URN with the ASHES.Most of the ASH is back in the URN, but it's a total mess.

Your SYLLADEX'S FETCH MODUS is currently dictated by the logic of a STACK DATA STRUCTURE. They will come in handy." You first place the HAMMER into your SYLLADEX. You wonder what will happen if you try to take the NAILS? 04/14/09 "John: Take nails." You captchalogue FOUR (4) NAILS into the top card, and push all the ARTIFACTS down a card. But you probably don't want to do that again, unless you want to drop the SMOKE PELLETS and suffer the consequences. The HAMMER has been moved from your CAPTCHALOGUE DECK to your STRIFE DECK.

On one wall hangs a picture of a fella who sure knows how to have a laugh, a man after your own heart.

You always thought he looked a lot like Michael Cera.

There should be just enough FROSTING on the FAKE ARMS to serve as an adequate adhesive.

04/20/09 "John: Attach arms to doll." Hehehehehehehehe.

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