Javascript code for validating name

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I will attempt to describe the attack, the security vulnerability that made it possible, and as much information as I have on the attacker.For those who don’t know, Ether Delta is a cryptocurrency exchange for Ethereum and ERC20 compatible tokens (tokens that have been deployed on the Ethereum blockchain).If the exchange decides to rob its users, or it gets shuttered due to illegal behavior, you will lose your money.When you use Ether Delta, you are “trusting” your wallet’s private key (the key that can give anyone the ability to take the funds from your wallet) to the browser session, and you are “trusting” your funds to the Ether Delta smart contract.

Some older browsers may not support Javascript, or have it disabled, so you may want to offer a non-script alternative.In the case of Ether Delta, you can read the entire source code for the site on Git Hub: you can read the entire code for the smart contract at the link above. Someone could trick you into visiting a fake clone of Ether Delta that uses a different smart contract, which can steal your funds when you transfer to it.2.Thus you can verify that the service is not funneling your data or funds outside of your control in any way… Someone could inject code into the real Ether Delta that “sniffs” the private keys from the browser session, giving them unlimited access to your wallet.There are many tokens that are officially listed on the platform; the URL for these tokens looks like this: any tokens that are not officially listed by the site, you can still trade them just the same using the address of the ERC20 token contract (the genesis contract that is used to create the tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and distribute them to users).To do this, you just modify the URL to include this address, like so: this case, the two URLs above are for the same token, Chain Link.

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