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“ There is, thus, hope for [other] endangered populations, fighting similar demographic issues.”“ The findings also serve as evidence of the importance of ancient DNA evidence in understanding domestication.We plan to screen many more ancient horses—both wild and domestic—through time, with the goal to reconstruct the history of horses’ 5,500 years of domestication,” reports Ludwig. In der Wüste Gobi sind die Winter in der Regel lang und sehr kalt, aber der Winter 2009/2010 war besonders hart.Their populations continued to mix even after humans started to domesticate the horse about 5,500 years ago.

What all retroviruses, such as HIV in humans, have in common is that they need to become part of the host cell’s genome in order to produce new viruses.

The ecoregion of the central European highlands and plains is drained by some of the main rivers that flow into the Baltic and North Seas, including the Weser, Elbe, and Oder Rivers.

In addition to these rivers, this chapter describes some smaller but peculiar rivers, such as the Em (Sweden), Skjern (Denmark), Spree (Germany) and Drawa (Poland) rivers.

“ That way we could assess the genetic impact of more than 100 years of captivity in what used to be a critically endangered animal.”“ The genomic evidence helps to solve a long-standing debate in horse evolution, regarding the relationships between wild and domestic horses,” explains Arne Ludwig, geneticist at the German Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research (IZW).

The ancestors of Przewalski's horses and domesticated horses remained connected by gene flow for a long time after their divergence, some 45,000 years ago, the researchers report.

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