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Every year, thousands of small explosions come from Sakurajima’s peak, throwing up ash over the surrounding areas.

However, a major eruption could have deadly consequences for the 700,000 residents of Kagoshima, who live just miles from the Volcano.

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Currently near its slopes lies the city of Yogyakarta, home to thousands of inhabitants. Merapi’s infamous lava flows usually travel around 3-4 miles from the peak, though some eruptions cause lava to flow as far as 8 miles.

These lava flows can travel as fast as 70 miles per hour.

Since 2000, it has erupted almost every year, spouting out ash and lava and causing tremors in the region. Merapi means Mountain of Fire, an apt name for the most active volcano in Indonesia, and a mountain that has produced more lava flow than any volcano in the world. Merapi has erupted regularly since 1548 and has been active for the last 10,000 years.

Here is a list of volcanoes most likely to erupt and wreak tragedy on surrounding communities and the environment at large: The bubbling sulfuric hot springs and erupting geysers of Yellowstone national park have long attracted tourists from far and wide.Channel 9.3, 54.3 and 25.3 XFINITY 190 Monterey/Salinas 371 and Sacramento/Fairfield 390) Wave: Channel # may vary.Thought-provoking television — public affairs, local and world events, nature, history, and science.This composite volcano in Japan was once its own island, but lava flows in its 1914 eruption caused it to connect to the mainland.Many experts refer to it as the “Vesuvius of the east”, due to its high level of volcanic activity.

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