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She was apparently advised that there were security problems if she were to move there. Herbert Guy Maycock, Rector of Coates in Gloucestershire, son of Canon Maycock. Their jobs were various but they are perhaps best known for checking the blackout which was strictly imposed.

Miscreants who showed a light that might be useful to enemy bombers were fined or even imprisoned!

I would love to contact anyone who was there at that time especially Roy Ward or Lily Vine. I had with me my three brothers Ron Wisdom, Derek Wisdom who stayed at the Turner Stores who owned the Crown pub opposite and my third brother Jeff who was billeted with me at Council Cottages. Well hope you are all write (his spelling was never too good) Good by (next word I cannot make out at all) from your ever loving son Arthur xxxx Another evacuee would like to correspond with his old friends. Seems Tom was at the event when the Queen visited but can't see himself in any of the pictures!

Her Majesty had asked to be shown a typical reception area, and the authorities selected Horsted Keynes, where there are 140 Battersea children with two head teachers and 10 teachers.

I remember that we met the Queen Mother in the village hall, that was our first classroom in the village I was writing a letter home and the Queen read it. As 69 years have passed since that time, I decided to try and do some research, as I remember the visit by the Queen. I have visited your website and found a picture of us digging for victory which I thought was taken in the grounds of Mr.

There were lots of soldiers in the village and I remember that one Christmas the American soldiers took us to there camp for a Christmas party. September 2008 I was one of the children evacuated to Horsted Keynes in Sept 1939. Montiefiore on who's grounds Mr Tidy worked as a gardener.

Now on the left we take a look at the war time village "First Aid Group". members please get in touch) Finally for now we see one village families celebrations on May 8th 1945 which was V. (Victory in Europe) Day when for us hostilities ceased. We like the impromptu "Churchill salute" on the left hand side! The timber for the post and sign board was given by Busleys the timber merchants.

We are not sure of their duties, but if you are here we would welcome a short article describing your typical day. Lucas the local builder in Bonfire Lane who obtained a somewhat vintage fire engine which distinguished itself by pumping for many hours when Barcome Mills burnt down before the war. Now a couple of colour postcard views dating back to the very late 1950's. The butcher's shop isn't there and the church in the distance hasn't yet been converted to a house. The sign was designed by Bob Fry but Peter Cook suggested and carried out some improvements to the metalwork.

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