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Please see my other items for different Haunted Mansion decal listings I combine shipping.This item is NOT affiliated with Disney or anyone else.With it, you’ll be able to contrast and compare each service’s offerings, letting you pick the right one for you. At a glance, Netflix wins in the TV stakes with 412 TV titles with 925 total series, compared to Love Film Instant’s 300 titles and 589 series.But Love Film has more movie content, with 3,284 movies compared to Netflix’s 1,668 films."Before I Die" is a horror anthology film that consists of three stories and a framing sequence.The frame involves a short story writer (Herman) struggling to meet a deadline.Closing out "Before I Die", we have "Someone is Sleeping in My Bed." It's a confused mini-slasherflick where a maniac killer murders some trick-or-treaters, and then breaks into the house of a spicy dish (Feliciano).

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Still, there are a couple of moments when the potential that is hiding within this poorly done short manage to show themselves, and Murphy and Lee mostly do a decent job on the acting front.

heck, it's a better way than those used in some of my favorites, such as "The House that Dripped Blood".

Unfortunately, the complete lack of energy that Phil Herman brings to the role of the writer manages to make the interludes a bit tedious, despite some interesting camerawork and smooth transitions.

The first story ("Time for Dessert") follows a woman (Holseybrook) and her chubby-chasing stalker (Perez) who is appalled that she seems be pick up every guy she meets but him.

He finally gets his date with her, and uncovers her dark secret.

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